NC slotting machine parts how to forge problems summary

2020-05-10 13:39

CNC slotting machine is used for cutting plane, forming surface and keyway, etc., and can be inserted in the inclination of 10 degrees within the range of mold and other work, CNC slotting machine is suitable for single or small batch production enterprises; The table has three different directions of feed (longitudinal, transverse and rotary), so after a single clamping, several surfaces are processed in this machine. The CNC slotting machine has a hydraulic transmission mechanism of the reciprocating motion of the sliding pillow and a hydraulic feed device of the working table. Ram velocity is constant in each run, ram speed and the movement of the workbench can be stepless adjustment, hydraulic control console with changement of ram reversing to oil, workbench except with hydraulic and manual feeding, still have separate longitudinal, transverse and rotary motor drive fast moving, adopt the hydraulic feeding slotting machine, is turn back instantly feed when the work is over, Therefore, it is better than the drum wheel feed used by mechanical slotting machine.

How to forge the parts of CNC slotting machine?

CNC slotting machine manufacturers often have special parts that need special forging, so how to forge, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Casting incline of die forgings on forging hammer and press.

2, in the forging hammer and press die forgings Zuil small inner and outer fillet radius.

3. How much is the CNC slotting machine? Zuil small thickness of the web of the forging hammer and the press.

4, in the forging hammer and press die casting rib height to width ratio,

5. Depth to width ratio of die casting cavity on forging hammer and press.

6, CNC slotting machine distributor, web punching restrictions.

7, flat forging machine top die forging slope and fillet radius.

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