Special CNC machine tool components and principles

2020-05-10 13:38

In modern industrial society, all manufacturers pay attention to production efficiency and output. If the waist speed and quantity and quality assurance, it can only start from the machine, so now the mechanical equipment is more and more advanced. Today we CNC drilling machine manufacturers will talk about the components of CNC special machine tools and its working principle, to help you understand CNC special machine tools.

Parts can be divided into power parts, supporting parts, conveying parts, control parts and auxiliary parts according to their functions.

Power parts are the parts that provide main motion and feed motion for modular machine tools. There are mainly power box, cutting head and power slide.

The supporting part is used to install the power slide, cutting head with feed mechanism or fixture parts, there are side base, middle base, support, adjustable support, column and column base, etc.

The conveying part is used to transport the workpiece or the spindle box to the processing station parts, mainly have indexing rotary table, ring indexing rotary table, indexing drum wheel and reciprocating moving table, etc.

The control unit is used to control the automatic working cycle of the machine tool, including hydraulic station, electric cabinet and control platform, etc.

The auxiliary components are lubrication device, cooling device and chip removal device. In order to make the modular machine tool can be used in small and medium-sized batch production, often need to apply the group technology, the structure and process of similar parts concentrated in a modular machine tool processing, in order to improve the utilization rate of the machine tool.

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